Vision and Mission


WCF desires to see a movement of God’s people equipped through prayer, training, guidance and support in strategic partnership with local churches and missions organizations.

Born out of prayer nearly 40 years ago, the vision that fuels the World Christian Fellowship (WCF) is that God’s global purposes includes a special role for Asian-American Christians. We believe that God did not grant Asian-Americans their particular gifts, talents, and resources  to hoard blessings, but to share them with the world. Thus, WCF endeavors to actively mobilize Asian-Americans as World Christians to join in God’s plan to bring the gospel to every nation, tribe and tongue.

We do not view Asian-American Christians as a superior group to any other Christians, but simply uniquely equipped by God through our culture and life experience to minister effectively to certain people groups in the world. Working in conjunction with other unique Christian groups, we believe we can more effectively evangelize the world.

The strength of WCF is its like-minded community that unifies brothers and sisters across different churches and denominations to band together and journey towards God’s purposes toward global evangelization. Through its conferences, prayers groups, and mutual edification of like-minded believers, WCF spurs on their dreams, growth and careers to be aligned with God’s Kingdom values.


To inspire and involve Asian-American world Christians and those who closely identify with the Asian-American worldview and their churches for God’s purposes toward global evangelization.

The mission of the World Christian Fellowship is to challenge and empower individual Christians and church to:

  • EQUIP committed Asian-American World Christians and World Christians who closely identify with the Asian-American world view who are active disciples and evangelists for the nations, both in local and overseas ministry.
  • ACTIVATE these individuals and their churches to the nations through prayer, training, guidance, and support.
  • FACILITATE teamwork and networking among Asian American individuals and those who closely identify with the Asian American world view, their churches and a variety of organizations with a World Christian vision.
  • PARTNER with organizations and networks with complementary objectives so that World Christians can unite towards the goal of building up the universal body.