WCF Planning Committee Mixer – Generations


On Saturday July 13th, we hosted our first official WCF Planning Committee Alumni mixer. We had a great representation of our PC alumni “generations” from the mid-1990′s all the way up to our current members, Northern and Southern California. David S. provided us with a fantastic spread of food that lasted throughout the day as friends old and new dropped in to say hello.

We had some fantastic conversations ranging from catching up with people’s lives to questions about how the World Christian Conference was organized “back in the day” (Answer: smoke signals and mimeographs).

I was meeting some of these people for the very first time and one of the many things that impressed me was the lasting impact participating in WCF, particularly serving in leadership, has had on their lives. The idea of “lifelong friendship” is not a cliché to these people; they truly connected with the members of the teams they served with and even nearly 20 years later, still stay in touch and involved in one another’s lives. Though the teams have often scattered across the country, even the world, they still manage to connect with one another for encouragement and prayer.

The mixer was such a great success, we can’t wait to do it again. If you’d like to help organize an event, we’d love to do this regionally, in Northern California, Southern California and the Seattle areas. Please contact me if you’re interested.