Voices of the Movement

Engineers need Jesus, too!

Downtown LA

Cindy is reaching the unreached. She’s not overseas teaching English, translating the Bible, or feeding the poor and homeless. She is here, being a light in the darkness for the people in her workplace who might not otherwise experience the good news of the Gospel.

Studying to become a Chemical Engineer in college was dreadful. After graduation, I blindly applied to every single open position.  As God provided a job for me, I immediately prayed that He would grow my ministry at work and that people at work would come to know Him through me.  However, I quickly forgot about my desires for ministry at work after I began the job. I got caught up in my workload, politics and “office space” frustrations. I struggled with thinking that I need to move out of engineering and seek a different career path.

During my second year of work, I started to work in a supporting role for operations. Since my coworkers and I spent days and nights together, in danger and in boredom, in laughter and in anger, we truly felt like a family. God blessed me tremendously with great relationships, and my heart started to grow for the people around me.  God convicted me to begin to pray and care for them.  I started to share intentionally about my struggles in life and my belief in God. As I prayed more fervently, deeper conversations about life, attitudes and beliefs occurred more frequently.

I used to complain about the lack of Christians at work because I felt that no one at work could relate or share my burdens. But I realized that God intentionally placed me there for that very reason. I then started sharing with my Christian community about my coworkers so that they could together pray and share my burden for them.

With various job positions over the last nine years, I encountered many who don’t know Him. I built relationships with people of different cultures and backgrounds, people who are incredibly intelligent, and people who I never would have talked to if I saw them on the street. Although none of my coworkers have come to faith (yet), I feel privileged to be part of their journey, and I celebrate the steps that they have taken in being more open to God and Christianity (see Engel Scale developed by James F. Engel).

As I think about going to the inner cities to love the poor, going overseas on missions, or volunteering at hospice to help the hopeless, I see that God has prepared me and placed me in a mission field all along.  I am in the lives of those who are poor in spirit; I am in the lives of those who are broken hearted; I am in a harvest. I love my workplace because God’s heart is there, too.


Photo by Nathan Chang